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HTML Office Library: bridge between desktop and web

The first Delphi library for reading all office formats (including PDF) and converting to HTML on the fly.

The HTML Office Library is designed to work with the most popular document formats and convert documents from any source (file, DB, etc) to HTML.

Converted document contains only plain HTML/CSS/SVG and can be displayed using HTML Component library or browser.

Library provides a uniform access to an entire document and its parts, document resources (fonts, images, etc) and properties (title, Table of Contents, etc).

HTML Office Library doesn't depend on any external components (DLLs, OLE, ActiveX, etc) and is cross-platform. Fully written in Delphi and comes with full source code.

Following document formats are supported:

Besides the document conversion classes it also contains the following:

Supported Delphi versions are: Delphi 7 - Delphi 10.4.2.
Supported platforms: Windows 32/64 VCL and FMX, MacOS, Linux.
For Delphi 7 - 2007 unicode is fully supported using widestrings

There are two compiled demos available: https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/FileBrowser.zip

  1. Simple document viewer: allows to view any document on hard drive using file tree on left side and HtPanel on right. To view final HTML press View in browser button. No installation required.
  2. Document Indexer: create full text search index for documents located in selected folders and find any document from application or Web. No installation required. How to use: Run application (OfficeIndex.exe). Click Add folder and select folder containing office documents. Click Start indexing, wait until it completed. Search for documents using one of the following: a) Go to Search tab and enter search query (any words). b) Click Web interface and enter search query. c) Point mobile phone camera (mobile should be connected to the same router) to QR code and open mobile interface.

Full cource code of both applications are included in library.

Documentation in PDF format

Documentation in CHM format

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