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Version 2.0

What's new since 1.5

1. XE4, XE5 and Delphi 6 are now supported.
2.. Support of Firemonkey (XE5+) on all platforms (Win32, Win64, OSX, iOS, Andriod) (fully supported by library core, but only some of visual components are ready: THtPanel, THtLabel, THtMetroPanel)
3. New fast! HTML parser. (50 Mb/sec.). Can be used separately.
4. Support of all HTML color names (for example: MidnightBlue)
5. New component - THtMetroPanel
6. CSS Resize property
7. CSS Overflow-Y property
8. Lazy image loading and background image loading
9. Label tag supported (label for="...")
10. InnerHTML property (get/set)
11. THtPanel.ImageList property
12. Improved rendering speed